January 2024 Chai Lites

Good evening Temple Beth Shalom Members and Friends, in a week of endings and beginnings we have a new issue of the Chai Lites for you, for January 2024.  Many thanks to our columnists and regular content contributors, especially to our Editor and President, Lorraine Mixter.  It was a busy time of holidays and transitions.

This was a bittersweet time of ending a year with some events we would definitely be glad to say goodbye to, along with memories we want to hold close for as long as we can.  At almost the very end of 2023 we lost our dear friend, Phil Grinker.  Thank you so much, Sandi and Debbie, for sharing Phil with us all these years and letting us share his memory along with you.  We were comforted to see the rest of your family and so many friends at Phil’s service and Celebration of Life today — a full room at our synagogue along with dozens on Zoom also taking part.  It was healing to see, and we hope a comfort to you in this time.  This Phil and all of you created.  We are grateful to those of you who jumped into action in the last week to make the arrangements so we could be together.