CANCELLED Cantor Victor Geigner – CANCELLED

Cantor Victor Geigner is a native of Buenos Aires, Argentina. His grandparents
came from Poland and Russia and his parents were born in Argentina. Since he
was very young, he loved music specially singing. At the age of 16 he was hired by
a congregation in Buenos Aires, Temple Bet-Jai, to be their cantor and at the end
of his high school he became a full clergy. From then on, he began a career that
started in Argentina, then continued in Bolivia and later in the United States. In
his beginnings he learned the art of the Jazanut (liturgical song) with the most
prestigious cantors in Argentina. Later he continued his studies at the Latin
American Rabbinical Seminary in the city of Buenos Aires.
In this area, Victor was the spiritual leader of Temple Emanuel of Lakeland for 5
years. Victor has experience in Conservative as well as in Reform Congregations.
After Temple Emanuel, Victor was the cantor at Temple Beth El, a Reform
Congregation in Fort Myers, Florida and later at Temple Beth Am in Seattle where
he remained for almost 5 years.
Victor has participated in countless concerts thorough several Latin American
countries and the United States and Canada, singing in Spanish, Hebrew, Yiddish,
Ladino, English, and Italian.
During his career, Victor realized that being a cantor was not his only love in the
Jewish world. He was always drawn towards different spiritual paths.
Victor has been a teacher of different Judaism topics. However, what always
made him more enthusiastic and gave him a feeling of deep love was teaching
Kabbalah and being a counselor and coach of the many congregants who came to
him for spiritual help and guidance. Victor has some kabbalah groups of studies in
a few congregations throughout the country. The teachings are usually on Zoom
and sometimes in person as well.
Another area where Victor enjoys teaching is training children to become Bar and
Bat Mitzvah. He has some students that learn with him sometimes on Zoom and
sometimes in person.